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Choose from 4 unique Prophets, team up with your friends and mess up other teams or break Singleplayer-records in this fast-paced 3rd person action fest.

It´s all about scoring more goals than your enemies....

"Another fifa-ish clone? Yeah, alright doofus!"

Actually it is completely different. You slip into the role of a fantasy-character with unique abilities and use shooter-controls to do so. And yeah, you do all that just to score goals for your tribe!


Every Prophet has completely different abilities so you get to chose whichever Prophet fits your playstyle the best.
Bring the merilessness of ice with Thora,
the heat of the pure sun with Laas Glarecaster,
the brawn of nature with Cookie,
or the force of cold steel with Jeg Hammer (Yes, that´s the name on his ID)


This is the place where you look your opponent in the eye and say " **** you ,**** .I am gonna **** your *** up until you scream for **** " or something like that.
Every arena has a completely different structure and goals that need to be approached differently.


Multiplayer Gameplay

Be as quick, tough and nimble as you can to run for the ball, grab it, outplay your enemies and score goals. There are a lot of tactics that can be used to do so. You can be a Sharpshooter, a Dribbler, a "teachers pet" etc...
By playing skillfully and using level elements you gather mana to use your abilities. This is the part where good players are seperated from GREAT players.

Singleplayer Gameplay

There are many different Singleplayer-levels with increasing difficulty. Each of them requires you to navigate the ball and yourself through, over and under its obstacles. Besides managing to just "get it done" you may wanna do it quicker. (That´s what she said)
That way you can break your own and possibly friends´ records.


- Ultimate Couch-Multiplayer experience (that might make you hate your friends)
- 4 epic prophets with 2 special abilities each
- Fast-paced gameplay
- 4 different arenas
- Action-packed online-matches for up to 8 Prophets
- 4 unique goals with their very own behavior
- Recordbreaking in Singleplayer-Mode

Since this is an Alpha-Version there are still many things that we´d love to implement like:
- Minigames
- Several Ball Weights
- Replays
- Level-Editor
- Combo-Skills
...and a lot more!

and last but not least:
- fancy divine words like "Favor" for Mana, "Relic" for Ball...the goal is still a goal though. We are no maniacs!

Install instructions

Just keep the ProSlamDemo.exe and the ProSlamDemo_Data in one folder and start by clicking the .exe. It´s no rocket science :)

For the best gaming experience we recommend using an Xbox Controller. But if you´re more of a Keyboard&Mouse Player just go ahead. We won´t stop you!



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